Monday, September 24, 2007

Signs at the Carnival

The computer is back, and I've got a ton of photos ready to post! Here are a few signs for the more interesting foodstuffs found at the carnivals I've been to lately.

From the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival, in Detroit Michigan. Can you tell it's a Polish-based carnival? (They spelled Babchi differently than we do. Who knew?)

Now, THAT'S some awesome carnival food!

I HIGHLY recommend the pierogis at the Hamtramck Festival. These people do not mess around.

From the Romeo Peach Festival, in the rural area a small town several miles outside Detroit. You would think given the name of the festival, the pie area would be more prominently displayed, but this is it. Just one lone sign tied up to a post.

Peach Pies that-away!

I did not have any peach pie, sadly.

Frozen Coke? Really?

Frozen Coke? Really?

I didn't try this one.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the frozen Coke. This one is MUCH weirder!

Deep Fried Twinkies??

Taken at the Naperville Ribfest in Naperville IL, summer 2006. I did have the deep-fried Snickers, just to say I did. It was pretty good!

There are a few more carnival rides and such at the Carnivals and Fairs photoset on Flickr. Check them out!


  1. Romeo is not "rural," she said with one eyebrow raised. ;)


  2. Haha, true enough! Although we did have to drive on a dirt road partway to get to it. Small town is probably a better descriptor, though.

  3. Well, there goes the diet! I'm dreaming of the deep-fried twinkie I once ate and so I'm off to find an oil-dipped delight!