Tuesday, September 16, 2008

007 wedding cake

This was my favorite wedding cake at the Sandwich Fair. Not the most romantic of themes, but the funniest!


This vignette is my favorite. Was he ejected, or did he get out and stagger off until he passed out in the icing? Hahahaha!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flood September 2008

We've had some serious rainfall this weekend, with flooding in all kinds of unexpected places. We personally got very lucky; even our window well that always floods stayed bone dry this time. But lots of roads, rivers and retention ponds weren't as lucky -- or were many of my friends. Good luck cleaning up, everyone!

That said, some people don't have the sense to heed warning signs.

People are stupid

People are stupid, part 2

There was a lot more of Lake Glenview than usual!

Bench on the path around Lake Glenview, Saturday

Couldn't even get to the bridge.
Lake Glenview Bridge, Saturday

That gurgling triangle of white in the middle? Is a fountain. It is surrounded by benches, usually.
Fountain underwater, Saturday

The waters came down on Sunday around the lake at least.
Bench on the path around Lake Glenview, Sunday

Lake Glenview Bridge, Sunday

Fountain, Saturday

Techny Basin was filling up all day on Saturday.
Techny Basin, Saturday

Notice the trees weren't flooded yet, and the water was actually going down to a second level in the bowl. By Sunday, it was full.
Techny Basin Sunday

This may not seem like much...but this is what Techny Basin looks the other 360+ days of the year.
Techny Basin, on most days

The whole set is found at Flickr.

Friday, September 12, 2008





Quick Breads


All taken at the Sandwich Fair, September 2008.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blue-Ribbon Corn

Blue-ribbon Corn at the County Fair

I went to the Sandwich Fair today. I had a corndog, mini-donuts, an elephant ear, and lemon mix-up. I saw quilts and jams and pigs and rabbits. I snickered at the My Bank Pen collection, and was sad when we couldn't find the World's Tallest Man carnival exhibit. It rained hard the whole day.

I had a great time. My stomach still hurts.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Charter Fishing

I posted a whole set of shots on Flickr of our morning charter fishing on Lake Michigan, but here are some of my favorite (photography-wise) of the set.

Sunrise over the bow
Sunrise over the bow

We reach our destination.
We reach our destination

Fishing boat in the orange sun
Sunrise on Lake Michigan


Dave, Mr. Badass

Janie, still looking glam

Richard reels it in
Richard sees his catch and gets a burst of energy.

Showing off the day's catch
Showing off the day's catch II

An impressive collection of lures
An impressive collection of lures

Best tagline ever!
Best tagline ever!

We will definitely do this again. At least the guys will; hopefully they'll continue to let me tag along and photograph their, um, hard work. (Truthfully, Matt the captain did everything, and deserves a ton of credit and thanks. Jackpot Fishing for all your charter fishing needs!)