Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Skate-off: Detroit vs. Chicago

Which downtown ice rink is prettier?


Chicago Ice Rink

(Better viewed in large.)


Detroit Ice Rink

(Better viewed in large.)

I have to give it to Chicago, even though I prefer the buildings and expanse of the ice in the Detroit shot. The problem is Detroit picked terrible colors for the banners and the tree; the blues clash with the red and green of the tree, and the tree colors themselves are too drab and harsh. (The particular hue of green of the tree makes it look dead, even close up.) I did try to crop out the blue line of the rink's edge on the bottom, but it didn't help the color scheme.

Such a shame, because it could be such a pretty scene, right in the middle of downtown. The colors of the buildings are all so complimentary right there, but the decorations drag your attention away from them. Alas!

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