Friday, February 08, 2008

Glamour Do and Don't

Glamour Do

I cannot tell you how perfect this little girl's outfit was. From the cute pink knitted cap to the fringed cowboy skirt to the blue-and-white striped stockings, there wasn't a piece of this outfit that wasn't adorable. Her parents told me she picked it all herself. If only I had that much fashion sense at five!

Glamour Don't

Hands down, the ugliest bridesmaid dress color I have ever seen. Most of the bridesmaids (and there were many of them) were blonde and pale, which made it worse. Poor sallow things!


  1. If I EVER get married, then I promise I won't do this to any of my friends.......Kris (nice fashion eye you have, tho).

  2. I like them...

  3. The dresses themselves were very pretty -- I loved the cut and the pleat in the back with the cummerband color in it. But oh, the green! It was not flattering. And it looked worse because they were in the Conservatory and thus surrounded by more appealing shades of green.

  4. funny, my first thought was "gorgeous colour".. :) i love green!

  5. I think the bride would agree with you, since she picked it out! :)

    I like green too, quite a bit, but this particular shade did not work in real life. It was so jarring, especially against the yellow of the details. Maybe it was because those two shades weren't complementary enough...