Thursday, February 28, 2008


My great-aunt Nellie passed away this week. She was a wonderful woman, the last in her generation of my family, and I can think of no better way to honor her memory than to link to the photo I took of her last spring. Rest in peace, Nellie.


I apologize for the lack of posts and photos; I'm settling into a new office and routine at work, and the constant snow this winter has sapped all my creative energy. But I have some trips planned to New York and New Orleans in the coming weeks and months, and spring WILL be on its way soon! So I'm sure this blog will be hopping again soon.

My goodness, I even forgot the What We Eat photo this week. Heh, well, I'll work on that tonight. It's not been a good home-cooking week at all for us, as you will see.


  1. WOOOOOHOOOOOO! 40 is only days away, as a matter of fact, less than 1 week left!!!

  2. The Big 4-0.

  3. You're gonna love it! If only I could've gotten ahold of Bosco! 5 days and counting..........