Monday, April 21, 2008

Ursuline Convent Garden Statues

Ursuline Convent Gardens

Taken at the Ursuline Convent Museum, a quiet oasis tucked away in the middle of the French Quarter in New Orleans. The six statues are praying to another statue of Mary and baby Jesus, which is befitting at St. Mary's Church, the church adjacent to the convent. Female saints and religious icons played a strong role here, moreso than I remember seeing in any church in a very long time. But the expressions on the statues in this setting were remarkably real and not nearly as beatific as I expected.

Francis Xavier Cabrini

Francis Xavier Cabrini: The bowtie is distinctive, but it's the almost sly look on his face that makes this statue so striking to me.

M. Katharine Drexel

M. Katharine Drexel: Her plain, broad features stand out. She also has one of the few genuinely devout and sincere expressions of the statues. But she also looks a little glum, don't you think?

Rose Phillipine Duchesne

Rose Phillipine Duchesne: She makes praying look like hard, joyless work.

3 more tomorrow!

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