Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love Pudge

Pudge Rodriguez, my favorite catcher of all time, got traded from the Tigers to the Yankees yesterday. Not that it really affects my admiration of him one way or the other; it just provides me with an excuse to post pictures of him I took at a Cubs/Tigers game in June 2006. We had front-row seats, just behind first base. Can you tell?

Pudge suits up.
Pudge suits up

Pudge in position.
Pudge Rodriguez

Pudge watches the pop-up.
Pudge watching the pop-up

Pudge on his knees.
Pudge on his knees

Play in motion.
Cubs at bat


  1. Wooohooo! Yay Yankees!!! You and I can go to the Yankees vs White Sox series and you can stare at Pudge & I'll drool over Jeter.....Kris

  2. 1. You. In those seats. I'd hate you but...I can't because you're still awesome in so many other ways.

    2. I've ALWAYS thought Pudge was adorable. Nice.

  3. We had front row seats between home and third next to the cubs on-deck circle. ;-)

  4. My mistake! I meant to write "home plate".

    Glad you all enjoyed!