Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flood September 2008

We've had some serious rainfall this weekend, with flooding in all kinds of unexpected places. We personally got very lucky; even our window well that always floods stayed bone dry this time. But lots of roads, rivers and retention ponds weren't as lucky -- or were many of my friends. Good luck cleaning up, everyone!

That said, some people don't have the sense to heed warning signs.

People are stupid

People are stupid, part 2

There was a lot more of Lake Glenview than usual!

Bench on the path around Lake Glenview, Saturday

Couldn't even get to the bridge.
Lake Glenview Bridge, Saturday

That gurgling triangle of white in the middle? Is a fountain. It is surrounded by benches, usually.
Fountain underwater, Saturday

The waters came down on Sunday around the lake at least.
Bench on the path around Lake Glenview, Sunday

Lake Glenview Bridge, Sunday

Fountain, Saturday

Techny Basin was filling up all day on Saturday.
Techny Basin, Saturday

Notice the trees weren't flooded yet, and the water was actually going down to a second level in the bowl. By Sunday, it was full.
Techny Basin Sunday

This may not seem like much...but this is what Techny Basin looks the other 360+ days of the year.
Techny Basin, on most days

The whole set is found at Flickr.

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  1. Gtown! So soggy!

    That shot of the fountain is amazing.