Monday, December 18, 2006

Ivy and Shade

Ivied Building in Shade, originally uploaded by kudzuplanet.

Notice how the ivy on the smaller building is a rough match to the shade on the larger building. Makes you understand how the ivy was able to grow as thickly as it has, doesn't it?

You may also notice I am posting this with a picture stored at Flickr. I have opened an account there, and you can click over to see all the photos I've posted online. I've arranged them into various sets and series so you don't have to plow through random pictures in no order. I will be adding more there as time goes on, and all my pictures posted here will also be posted there from now on. Enjoy browsing through them!


  1. That's a wonderful use of contrast! All the block shapes - buildings and windows and sky - with different textures are fascinating, and the ivy looks so lush, nearly subversive, like it's plotting to take over the world. ;)


  2. Thank you! Haha, I had the same reaction to the ivy -- like it was creeping out of the natural part of the landscape (the river) to take the land back from the buildings and asphalt and claim it as its own once again. :)