Friday, September 28, 2007

Guest Photographer: Richard Plocinik

My husband recently went on a trip with his family to Michigan and Pennsylvania, and inspired by my passion for photography, decided to take a camera with him. He hadn't used one in a long time, but I was pretty impressed with what he found!

Guest Shot: Bench in Clearing

This was taken in Stony Creek State Park in Michigan, in a random unmarked clearing. I love the light in the trees behind, and the perfect framing of the bench. You get a great sense of how tall the trees are, and how quiet it must have been.

Guest shot: Gravestone

This was on a priest's gravestone, in the Pennsylvania cemetery of the church where he served for forty years. I loved the intricacy of the detail; the priest was someone they obviously respected, but the shared love of the church comes through even more.

Guest Shot: Split House

The house's decorations are split completely in half, right down to the different shades of yellow paint and even the different walls along the sidewalk. Impressive!

All these shots are even better viewed in large:
Bench in Clearing
Priest's Gravestone
Split House

My husband has a good eye, doesn't he?

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  1. I love the fact that the chimneys are different-too funny! Kris