Saturday, December 01, 2007

Reindog 1 and 2

Reindog 1: Oh, the indignity!

I attended the Reindog Parade at the Chicago Botanic Garden today, and saw lots and lots of dogs in Christmas costumes. So the 24 Days of Reindogs has been born; I'll be posting 1-2 new dog photos every day until Christmas. It was a very popular event, and luckily we were through before the snow started coming down. It was cold; most of these sweet little dogs were shivering under their sweaters.

The expression on the face of this one cracked me up. Oh, the indignity! It got no better for him once he was through with his photo op with Santa.

Reindog 2: Seriously, this is embarrassing.

It was really great.


  1. OMG, I love the hat over the one eye look! You almost feel sorry for them, but find yourself laughing instead....I hope next year, Pat & all her pets show up for this-all decked out. Kris

  2. I know, I'll have to make sure to tell her about it for next year; I didn't find out about this time until late Friday afternoon. But it was so cold, and then it started to snow at about the time the parade was supposed to start, it's probably better she missed this year anyway.

  3. I may have to put on my own little Reindog show. That was so cute I must remember it for next year! Pat