Friday, January 19, 2007

Frozen Jetty and Wave Crash

Frozen jetty

I'm still going through my photos from Wilmette Beach, this time focusing on the two jetties in the water. I liked this shot because of the repetition of the jagged pattern on the jetty, once for the frozen icicles on the end, and again for the ragged wooden spikes along the side. Also, the muddiness of the water is more visible here than in other shots; winter waves churn up the sand on the bottom much more than summer waves. I have no idea why. (You can see more detail in the larger version here.)

I've added a bonus photo today, only because I liked how the black-and-white version turned out, and I'm just about out of beach shots to select.

Wave crash B&W

You can see the color version of this one, and a few more icy jetty/wave shots, in the Winter Lakefront set at Flickr.


  1. That B&W photo is very dramatic. Great snap!

  2. Thank you! I like how it turned out.