Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Korean Vegetables

Korean Vegetables

Taken at the Super H Mart, a new enormous Korean grocery store in Skokie, IL. Aloe is on the far left, banana roots are the red ones in the middle, and I don't know what the third tan vegetable is. I love shopping in this store, although many of the foods and cuts of meat are unfamiliar to me, and most of the packaged foods are written entirely in Korean. There's just so much energy in the store, all the time, and the variety of fresh foods makes me want to learn how to cook it properly.

Except the squid. I'm okay not eating that.

A few more shots of the store are in the Chicago Neighborhoods set.

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  1. I pass that store every day and now you are making me need to go there and see it for myself! It always has many cars in the parking lot and I agree about the energy. You can see it.