Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Up with the roosters


Wagner Farm is a farm owned and "preserved" by the Glenview Park District. It does have chickens and cows and horses, although I don't think they grow acres of crops anymore, just enough to show the kids and visitors to the farm. I was able to wander around it yesterday and take pictures, and while the roosters started cawing loudly in protest, one of them posed for some great shots.

Roosters in Profile

You can see more photos of the barn and the grounds in the Midwest Rural set at Flickr. The cows will be another day! (Also, the first shot is worth viewing in large size, too, just to get all the details.)


  1. These are TERRIFIC-- excellent detail and such wonderful color!


  2. Thanks! I was very pleased I was able to get a couple of them -- there were about a dozen roosters in the space, and they were getting louder and more upset the longer I stayed snapping pictures of them.