Thursday, March 15, 2007

Island of the Gods

I'm back with another comparison set! This one is of the Island of the Gods at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The Japanese Gardens there are made up of separate small islands in the middle of the lake that are connected by a series of bridges. There is one island, called the Island of the Gods, which is not linked to the others in order to be preserved so only the gods can walk around on it. (However, I have proof that geese like to walk around to it and on it when the lake has frozen over and they can reach it on foot.) Luckily, we mere mortals can still enjoy it from afar.

October 20, 2006
Island of the Gods - Autumn

December 1, 2006
Island of the Gods - Winter

March 8, 2007
Island of the Gods - Winter II

(With the lake frozen over and covered with snow, this last shot almost looks like the reverse of the first winter shot, doesn't it?)

There are two more side-view shots available in the Pairs set at Flickr. I'm looking forward to seeing it again in the spring!


  1. Oh that's gorgeous. I was just there this past fall and that was my favorite bit of scenery.

  2. Thank you! I usually skip over the Japanese Garden when I'm there in the summer since it doesn't have showy flowers like the other gardens, but as a seasonal landscape shot, it is very striking.