Monday, December 17, 2007

Reindog 20-22: Gus the Newfoundland

One of the greatest dogs we saw at the Reindog Parade was Gus. Gus is a Newfoundland, and believe me, he was HUGE. I couldn't get a good shot of him in proportion to a human, but sitting like this, his head was at his owner's waist.

Reindog 20: Gus I

Gus works as a Therapy Dog, and in this shot I think you can see why. I have never seen a dog so easygoing and placid. Can't you just imagine little kids tugging on his fur and curling up next to him, and sweet old Gus not minding a bit?

Reindog 21: Gus II

Old Gus puts up with a lot, clearly. He was awesome.

Reindog 22: Gus III

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  1. The little wristlets are KILLING ME.