Monday, January 22, 2007

5 Days Later

What a difference a week makes! After a week of freezing temperatures, I went back to Wilmette Harbor during a mild snowfall, and was stunned by how much the landscape had changed along with the temperatures. The entire set is definitely worth viewing over at Flickr, but these two are the most dramatic, I think.

Taken January 16, 2007:

Icy Fence

Taken January 21, 2007:

Really Frozen Fence

Wow. Even the jetty from a couple of days ago is completely different now.


  1. The first one is one of my favourite pictures you've taken! It looks so bright and bracing with the white surf and the ice sheets hanging like frozen lace. And then the five-days-later picture -- wow! It looks like it was taken in Murmansk or some such place!

    Have I talked to you since the New Year yet? Happy 2007, Kristen! :)


  2. Happy 2007 to you too, sweetie!

    I love your descriptions: "frozen lace" is a great one. And I had a feeling my Norwegian friend would know of some icy places to compare it to... :)