Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crown Fountain

Today's series continues with more from Millenium Park, this time in the Crown Fountain area. I'd only ever seen it in the winter, and all I saw were the moving faces. I didn't even realize in the summer there's water that streams out of it. But I guarantee it's like no "fountain" you've ever seen -- people are encouraged to play with it, and believe me, they do.

Crown Fountain in summer

This is why I'm not a kid anymore.

This is why I would make a terrible kid now; it would never occur to me to swim on ashpalt!

Beats playing in a fire hydrant!

It sure beats playing in a fire hydrant, though!

The water is on a synced program, and after a while, it stops pouring down from the top of the fountains (there are two, on each side of the area). All the kids take their positions as they get ready for what comes next.

Waiting, waiting...

Waiting, waiting....

Just one little kiss, please?

Still waiting...come on, come on...



Okay, maybe I still would make a good kid. :)

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